Our Team

Our team is experienced and qualified engineers and technicians in their respective fields. We are well equipped to respond to any inquiry or technical challenge. With a dozen regional offices, our national network enables us to respond locally and promptly to any issue or inquiry.

Among the 37% Chinese staff, 24 are 30 years old and below, 21 are between 30-50 years old, and 7 are over 50 years old; 1 person has a master’s degree, 30 people have a bachelor’s degree, 13 people have a college degree, and 8 people have a technical secondary school and below; senior engineer 3 people, 8 intermediate engineers, 13 assistant engineers; 9 members of the Communist Party of China, 2 probationary members, and 12 members of the Communist Youth League.

Generally speaking, the Chinese management team of the Bangladesh branch has sufficient talent reserves, and the team is relatively young. It has the advantages of strong execution, daring to communicate, diligent in asking questions, and harmonious interpersonal relationships. At present, the branch focuses on the cultivation of talent echelons: strengthen ideological education, encourage the younger generation to actively join the party; increase professional training activities, and cultivate the backbone that can adapt to the localization model of the Bangladesh branch.

Among the 63% Bangladeshi personnel, 45 are 30 years old and below, 39 are between 30-50 years old, and 4 are over 50 years old; 5 people have a master’s degree, 52 people have a bachelor’s degree, and 31 people are high school and below; Dhaka office functional management positions 14 people, 28 people in technical/management positions in the project department, 15 people in technical skills in the project department, and 31 people in auxiliary service positions.

On the whole, the Bangladeshi employee team of the Bangladesh branch is relatively young, and the reserves of various functional departments are sufficient to meet the current development needs of the Bangladesh branch.